Is a thread made of natural or synthetic fibers and used for knitting and weaving, Which is further used for industrial or technical applications.

We specialize in the following

Products (Cotton Yarns) Counts (Ne)
Open End 4s to 30s
Carded 10s to 60s
Combed 20s to 120s C
Compact 20s to 200s C
TFO / RDWS Doubled 20/2 to 160/2
Amsler Slub & Multicount 20s to 60s
Modal / Tencel : 100% & Blends 30s to 80s
Polyester / Viscose : 100% & Blends 20s to 80s


Cotton Yarns

  • From Indian
  • Giza
  • Pima
  • Australian (Contamination free)
  • Organic
  • BCI

Processed Yarns

  • Gassed & Mercerized
  • High-Twist & S-twist
  • Grey & Dyed Melange
  • Dyed yarns
  • Hank yarns
  • Soft Package with Dye cones

Filament Yarns

They are made by taking the single polyester filament, grouping them together and then twisting or air-entangling them to make them workable.

We can offer Polyester , Viscose & Nylon Filament yarns as required.